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This year, I ask that you don’t give me presents or birthday treats. They’re amazing and mean a lot to me, but the money spent would mean much more to those who need help meeting their most urgent, basic needs. Join me in contributing to this fundraiser!

After testing out numerous fundraising sites, I concluded that the best way to go about this project – the most reliable and convenient way with no third-party costs – is to do it myself.

1. Check out the previous post to find out what courses I’m supporting. The organisation we’re contributing to is World Vision Singapore.

2. Drop me a Facebook message / text and I’ll give you my bank account number.

3. Let me know when you’ve made the transfer. When I’ve verified it, I’ll update the fundraiser’s status and add your name and amount transferred under the ‘Who’ section. I’ll accompany it with a message of thanks, because I’m really grateful that you’re contributing to this cause!


5. When the fundraiser is over, I’ll take everyone through the process of transferring your very kind and generous donations to World Vision Singapore. Lots of love!!


This year, I’m dedicating my birthday to World Vision. I’m specifically looking to donate to these causes:

1. Laos – Vaccination and immunisation for 20 kids – $156

2. Vietnam – Deworming for 10 children (aged 2 to 5) – $92

3. Philippines – Clean water supply for 5 families – $100

4. Myanmar – Tuberculosis treatment for 70 villagers – $150

5. Bangladesh – Supplements for 67 malnourished mothers – $125

7. Zambia – Farming skills for orphans and children – $154

8. Vietnam – Daily lunch for 50 street kids – $120

9. Cambodia – A year’s supply of food and water – $117

10. Laos – Livelihood training for farmers – $76

11. Philippines – 15 chickens each for 4 poor families – $156

12. Cambodia – Livelihood training for 45 households – $172

13. India – A cow for 2 most vulnerable families – $358

14. Ethiopia – Sheep for 3 needy families $252

Total: $2028

I hope you see the need in contributing towards helping people’s lives in these areas too, and if you see any other causes on the World Vision Singapore page that sound great and that you’d like to see added on my list too, do let me know! I’m also looking at child sponsorship but that requires more commitment and thinking through, so I might embark on that another time.

I’m also aware that the description they give for each item can be rather vague, and I’ll be emailing them to ask for more specific details. Hopefully they’ll be able to offer them!


Hello! Thanks for joining me in helping to make this birthday the best one yet: one that finally isn’t about myself. If birthdays were meant to celebrate a person’s existence here on Earth, and a person’s life is about loving others, then it only makes sense that an individual’s birthday should be about celebrating, loving and helping others, too.

Inspired by a friend’s fundraiser last year, I’m hoping to finally make this birthday a meaningful one. On my 20th birthday, I hope to remember both those who have made a difference in my life, and those we’ve never met, but who are equally precious individuals.

Every year, I get amazing, thoughtful gifts and awesome treats from wonderful friends, and they mean a lot to me – cute balloons, books and plane tickets alike. However, I know the money spent will mean much more to others not as fortunate as we are. We lead such comfortable lives, and the things we take for granted here – clean water, proper sanitation, healthcare and vaccination, food – aren’t available to everyone.

Thank you for joining me in making my 20th birthday count, and it’s great to know that my birthday will be spent providing practical, urgent help to others. I hope this won’t end here. I hope you will find it in you to make giving a part of your life too – whether it’s in buying tissue paper from the tissue paper aunty, donating to the uncle playing the harmonica, buying lunch for the beggar down the road or donating to charities like these. I hope that through this, we remember that our lives are not about ourselves.